George Pavia, Esq. 

Founding Partner
Pavia & Harcourt LLC.

…I have been doing business with Altman Warwick and their predecessor company for over 22 years. We have a large real estate law practice and we are often asked by our clients to assist them with their commercial real estate financing requirements. From our first transaction together, financing the fee position on 522 Fifth Avenue in New York, they have been extremely reliable, professional and responsive to our client’s needs. They are also very pro-active in terms of finding smart opportunities for our clients to save money. On one recent deal they brought to our client’s attention a very advantageous refinance opportunity. Although this was a small refinance of $4.9 million, they remarkably generated an interest savings in excess of $400,000 over the six year term. Needless to say my client was thrilled with what he considered “found money” that went right to his bottom line….”

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