Loan Workout Advisory 

Commercial Loan Modification and Debt Restructuring Advisory Service

Altman Warwick’s Commercial Loan Workout Group provides debt restructuring advisory services to commercial real estate owners facing cash flow problems and/or the inability to refinance their properties due to current capital market disruptions.  Altman Warwick has extensive experience in handling loan workouts for both financial institutions and borrowers experiencing commercial loan delinquencies.  Our group has over 25 years of collective loan restructuring experience that dates back to the Savings & Loan crisis of the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.

Due to our extensive commercial mortgage financing experience and our real-time knowledge of the capital markets, we have the advantages of knowing the right time and the right lender to refinance your existing troubled loan.  Under a default scenario, we may then decide to take the property to the debt marketplace to explore a refinance. In the event that after thoroughly surveying the debt market and determining that a refinance is not feasible, we will share our results with the existing lender to initiate productive loan workout discussions.

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